Certificate in Recovery Ministry

The Certificate in Recovery Ministry is designed for people who wish to develop their understanding and skills in working in situations of addiction and abuse. Because addiction and abuse are among the largest public health problems on the planet, it is difficult to do ministry of any kind without feeling the impact of these problems. Understanding the dynamics of addiction and abuse should be helpful in any and all ministry settings.

Certificate Description

24 Quarter Units


This certificate provides a way for students who may not be able to commit to a full degree an opportunity to study some basic insights into the dynamics of addiction and abuse and help them respond in productive ways to persons struggling with these issues.

Typical Students

Some students have personal experiences with recovery or come from families where addiction or abuse was an issue, but others do not.

Normal Progression

The Certificate in Recovery Ministry can be earned in a year of part-time study.


This certificate will prepare students to better understand addiction and/or abuse in their church, parachurch, or in the marketplace.

Further Studies

Classes taken for this certificate can be used toward a master's degree.


The complete Certificate in Recovery Ministry can be earned in Pasadena.

Online Options

Students may take one of the courses (NS500) in this certificate through Distributed Learning.

Curriculum (24 Units)

Choose three of the following courses (12 Units)

  • EV532 Recovery Ministry in the Local Church
  • CN553 Pastoral Care and Abuse
  • CN557 Pastoral Care and Addictions
  • CN558 Pastoral Care and Sexuality

Choose one of the following courses (4 units)

  • CN504 Family Therapy and Pastoral Counseling
  • FS500 Family Systems Dynamics

Choose one of the following courses (4 units)

  • Any core Pastoral Counseling course (Course schedule attribute: MIN5)
  • Any core Spirituality course (Course schedule attributes: SPIR, SP2, FSP)

NS500 New Testament 1: Gospels and Acts

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