Human Subject Research


Review the following:
HSR Process Presentation [Power Point that walks you through the process
HSR Guidelines [Document with step by step instructions]
HSR Process Overview Chart [Visual overview of the process]

RISK: Risk level is mandated by the definitions. Including a plan for adverse events or actions to mitigate risk in your proposal does not move the proposal into a different risk category.

When you are ready to submit your proposal, make sure it includes the following or it will be returned to you:

Your Faculty Mentor will FIRST review you HSR Proposal and must submit the following checklist when he/she submits the proposal for review:

Examples of complete HSR proposals: 

Informed Consent Template
Assent Template (working with minors)

Other Tutorials & Guidelines
US Dept of Health and Human Services guidelines (this includes links to related laws in over 100 other countries)
Code of Ethics for the American Anthropological Association
Risks and Wrongs in Social Science Research: An Evaluator's Guide (by J. Michael Oakes)
Frequently Asked Questions and Vignettes