36 units

9, 4 unit courses paced at 4 units per quarter


ML581: Developing Your Learning Plan (online)

NOTE: Successful completion of ML581 with a grade of "B-" or better is required to continue as a student in the MAGL.

 4 units

Global Leadership Seminar 1: Part A

 4 units

Global Leadership Seminar 1: Part B

  • ML582B: Character, Community, and Leadership (2units; online)
  • MT500B: Biblical Theology of Mission (2units; online)
  • Part B is post-intensive work 
 4 units
ML530: Lifelong Development (online)
 4 units
MP520: Transforming Contemporary Culture (online)
 4 units
MC506: Leading a Missional Church (online)
 4 units
ML540: Adult Leadership Development (online 4 units

Global Leadership Seminar 2: Part A

 4 units
 Global Leadership Seminar 2: Part B
  • ML565B: Organic Organizations and Churches (2 units; online)
  • ML583B: Global Leadership: Implications for Ministry (2 units; online)
  • Part B is post-intensive work
 4 units


 36 units

 Any combination of Foundational Bible, Theology, Missions, and Psychology courses from the School of Intercultural Studies, the School of Theology, and the School of Psychology; as approved by the MAGL Academic Advisor, based on the student's Learning Plan. Courses may be taken via Fuller Online, Individualized Distance Learning, Fuller's Regional Campuses, or on-campus in Pasadena.
 NOTE: A maximum of 4 courses (or 16 quarter units) of independent study (IDL, Directed Studies) may be applied toward the MAGL degree.


 72 units

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