Fuller’s senior administration consists of a diverse group of administrators who provide experienced, skillful leadership for the seminary’s daily operations as well as longer-term planning.

Leadership Team

Mark Labberton, President

C. Douglas McConnell, Provost and Senior Vice President

Bernadette “BJ” Barber, Executive Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development

Scott Cormode, Academic Dean

J. Frederick Davison, Executive Director, Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts

Gwen Fleming, Executive Director of the Academic Center

Kurt Fredrickson, Associate Dean, Doctor of Ministry and Continuing Education

Mary Hubbard Given, Vice President, Alumni and Church Relations

Winston E. Gooden, Dean, School of Psychology

Joyce V. Hiendarto, Executive Director, Integrated Marketing and Communications

Mignon Jacobs, Associate Provost for Accreditation and Educational Effectiveness

Howard Loewen, Dean, School of Theology

Juan F. Martínez, Vice Provost

Fred Messick, Associate Vice President, Public Affairs

Irene Neller, Vice President for Communications and Marketing

Kevin D. Osborn, Associate Provost for Information Services and Chief Information Officer

Kara E. Powell, Executive Director, Fuller Youth Institute

Gideon Strauss, Executive Director, Max De Pree Center for Leadership

Scott W. Sunquist, Dean, School of Intercultural Studies

Wendy Wakeman, Vice President, Enrollment and Student Affairs

John W. Ward, Vice President, Finance

Jon Yasuda, Vice President, Development