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This course is an introduction to Christian reflection and practice in the visual arts.

The major emphases will be:

(1) the actual practice of viewing and making art in the context of prayer and meditation, focusing on art and character;

(2) the historical and theological context of art and faith; and

(3) the role of the arts in the wider community and in worship. By lectures, discussions, art projects and museum visits, students will engage with significant examples of art as a way of developing a critical appreciation and a Christian appropriation of this dimension of life-with respect to its value for worship and witness.

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More about Dr. William Dyrness

Bill Dyrness has over 30 years of teaching experience in the United States, the Philippines, Kenya, and South Korea. He has published work in a variety of fields, including theology and culture, apologetics, theology and art, and global missions.

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Worship, Theology, and the Arts Degree Emphasis

Do you see the arts playing an important role in theology and the church? Do you search for signs of God in cultural movements? Or does your passion lie in weaving creativity--art, drama, film, the music of other cultures--into the worship experience?

There is a vibrant movement to integrate the arts with theology and worship, and Fuller's Brehm Center is helping lead the way. When you pursue an emphasis in Worship, Theology, and the Arts, you will study with faculty who are artists, musicians, and pastors as well as scholars--leaders who will help you think biblically about incorporating the arts into your worship and ministry.

How will you engage culture, theology, and the arts?

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