Discover Fuller in Sacramento!

July 30th, 2014 :: 6:30-8:00PM

Have you felt a call to dig deeper in your faith, explore the intricacies of Scripture, or broaden your horizons with how to do ministry in today's society and culture? If so, this night is for you! As God is percolating these desires in your heart, we at Fuller are here to help provide guidance, wisdom, and prayerful support in your process of discernment. We would love to meet with you, hear how God is working in your life, and see if Fuller fits into the calling the Lord has placed on you. Come meet us and get a better understanding of what Fuller is all about.

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Fuller's New Vision for Seminary


Schedule of Events

6:30-7:00pm :: Introduction to Fuller

Take the chance to meet the Fuller Staff, tour the facilities, and tell us a little about your story.

7:00-7:30pm :: Informational Session

Learn more about the Sacramento classroom experience, degree offerings, course scheduling, and Financial Aid.

7:30-8:00pm :: Q and A (Optional)

After all this information, you may have a lot of questions! Lucky for you, Fuller Staff will be around to help answer all of your questions, concerns, and reflections on the night. We hope to see you there!

Frequently asked questions (and their answers!)

Campus Course Formats

How does the quarter system work?
Classes meet for 10 weeks and then follow with 1 week of finals. We offer classes during 4 different quarters: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

What is the typical course format on campus?
In the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters classes are typically offered once a week Monday through Thursday, usually in the evenings and occasionally in the late afternoon. We also offer all day Saturday intensive courses which meet 4-5 times during a quarter.

What is the Summer quarter like? Do I have to take summer classes?
The Summer quarters is a bit different, we offer intensive courses which allow greater freedom for your summer schedule. Class formats range from all day Saturday which meet 4 times, Friday/Saturday meeting 3 times, 2 week intensives and 1 week hybrid courses. Summer courses are not required, however they are necessary if you want to graduate in 2 years (for MA degrees) or 3 years (for the MDiv degree).

What is 'perpetual curriculum'?
This is the system our campus runs on, whereby we offer courses on a 2 year rotating curriculum. This allows students to get their degree in 2 years if desired.

Distance Learning

How much of my coursework can I do through Distance Learning?
The maximum online work you can do is through our primarily online degree programs, requiring only 6 classes in residency (on campus). These classes can be completed through normal course offerings or through the special Hybrid+ one week intensives, which combine 2 classes into one week on campus and the rest through online coursework. Our other degrees require that 1/3 of your courses be completed on campus.

Do I need to be online at a specific time?
No. Though there are due dates for assignments and postings, you are typically not required to be online at a specific time. The only exception to this is if your professor is offering the opportunity for a live web seminar, though this is rare.

What are online classes like?

Each online class can vary, depending on the professor. However, some of the basic things you can expect would be the availability of your professor for communication throughout the quarter, a structured format of the weekly requirements, a posting forum where you can engage with other students and the professor, and some form of formal instruction which you can watch, read, and/or listen to at your convenience.

What are some typical assignments for an online course?

Though classes will vary on course requirements, such as whether you have a final large research paper or a final exam, there are some basic assignments you should expect. These would include: 1200-1600 pages of reading, several smaller essays ranging from critical book analyses to small research papers, weekly online postings and responses, and a final exam and/or research paper. To get an even better idea of what is required visit the Course Schedule and search "Distance Learning." You can then click on one of the Catalog Numbers (CH500, ST501, ET501, ect) to get a course snippet.

Student Body

How many students are in Sacramento?
We have 120-130 students at our Sacramento campus.

What are some of the typical students like?
Students in Sacramento come from a wide range of backgrounds and life stages. We have our 20-something students who are straight out of college and on to pursuing a Master's degree, then there are our 30-50 aged students who are more established in their careers and ministries, and we have students who are coming to Fuller in their retirement, seeking to start a second career or just further enrich their knowledge and love of the Lord. Though these are only sweeping categories of our students, it paints the picture of the breadth of diversity which enriches our campus.

How many classes do students take on average?
The average course per person is around 2, we have students going at all different speeds in their careers at Fuller, some which want to slowly take it in at one class a quarter, others balance their personal commitments and Fuller at 2 classes a quarter, and some take on 3 courses per quarter. We do not recommend a student ever take more than 3 classes a quarter. If you are working full-time and have other commitments (family, ministry, ect), we recommend you start with no more than 2 classes a quarter.

What kind of careers do your students usually seek?
There are a wide variety of interests from students at our campus, but these are some of the most common careers pursued by students and alumni: pastoral ministry (youth, children, family, executive pastors, women's ministry, ect), non-profit work (YoungLife, Intervarsity, World Vision, International Justice Mission, Salvation Army, ect), Chaplaincy (military, hospital), Bible/theology teachers, researchers (going on to PhD work), leaders in academic settings, missionaries, and various other market place jobs.


How do I apply?
Online at this website.

What is required for admission?
Check out the requirements here.

Can I apply without a Bachelor degree?
Possibly, click here for requirements for applying as a Special Student.

When are the application deadlines?
We have year round application deadlines, meaning you can start in any of our four quarters, see deadlines here.

Do I need the GRE?
No, not for an of our Theology or Intercultural Studies Master's programs.

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