Michael McGowan


My wife and I moved to Seattle in May 2013 so that I could attend Fuller Northwest. Our road trip to Washington from South Carolina took three weeks, but attending seminary had been many, many years in the making. For the majority of my life I had felt an attraction to the Church and its mission. It was only after completing an undergraduate degree while working seven years in the skilled trade industry that I realized seminary is where I needed to be. The denominational diversity of Fuller Seminary's faculty and student body was the right fit for my background and future ministry hopes.

I am currently in my third quarter at Fuller Northwest. Transitioning from undergraduate expectations to rigorous graduate demands has been challenging, but from these challenges I have grown. Every professor that I have had-and even those that I have not-has been willing to walk with me in this journey. As a result I have noticed maturation in my faith and an increased desire to engage those intellectual aspects of Christianity that had previously intimidated my faith.

Another unique aspect of Fuller Northwest that I have come to appreciate is the variety of life-stages represented by the student body. It has been encouraging to hear the ways that the Lord has led my peers into seminary; whether single, newly married, recently retired, or raising a family, each one has a story to tell of God's providence during this time. While I still consider myself to be in the beginning stages of this journey at Fuller, I am able to look back on my first two quarters and approach the future with confidence that the Lord will continue to guide my steps.

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