Oliver D. Crisp

Professor of Systematic TheologySchool of Theology

Contact Information
BD, University of Aberdeen
MTh, University of Aberdeen
PhD, King’s College, University of London

Oliver D. Crisp is a professor of systematic theology who joined Fuller’s faculty in 2011. Prior to his appointment at Fuller, he was a Lecturer and then Reader in Theology (Associate Professor) at the University of Bristol, UK. He has also taught at the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland, and has been a visiting lecturer at Regent College, Vancouver, BC, Canada. His current research projects include work on the doctrines of original sin, atonement, and election.

Dr. Crisp has published many articles in professional journals including Religious Studies, Journal of Theological Studies, and International Journal for Systematic Theology, among others. He has edited or coedited eight books and is the author of eight monographs, including Divinity and Humanity: The Incarnation Reconsidered (2007) and, most recently, Revisioning Christology: Theology in the Reformed Tradition (2011) and Jonathan Edwards on God and Creation (2012).

Along with Dr. Fred Sanders of Biola University, Crisp has initiated the Los Angeles Theology Conferences, which are held at Biola and Fuller in alternate years. The proceedings are published annually by Zondervan Academic. Crisp is also an editor of the Journal of Analytic Theology, and coeditor with Professor Michael Rea of the Oxford Studies in Analytic Theology, published by Oxford University Press.

Courses Taught

  • ST501: Systematic Theology 1: Theology and Anthropology
  • ST502: Systematic Theology 2: Christology and Soteriology
  • ST503: Systematic Theology 3: Ecclesiology and Eschatology
  • TH861/ST564: Topics in Contemporary Christology
  • TH867/569: Contemporary Perspectives on the Atonement
  • TH861/ST564: Topics in Contemporary Christology

Areas of Expertise, Research, Writing, and Teaching

Systematic theology, analytic theology, philosophical theology, historical theology, hamartiology, Christology, soteriology, the theology of Jonathan Edwards, the theology of William Shedd, Reformed theology


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