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Trygve Johnson preaches on John 11:1-45

St. Patrick: Abolitionist, Evangelist, Bishop
Student publication The Semi offers a collection of articles probing into the legacy of St. Patrick, including a look at historical Celtic spirituality

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A Poetic Theology: What Can Beauty Do For Us?

In this article from Theology, News & Notes, Professor William Dyrness investigates the “poetic sphere” of human life and how art can be a step in the journey that leads to God

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Trusting Africans to Contextualize Their Own Solutions

In Fieldnotes, Laura Gossman of the Max De Pree Center for Leadership profiles Remmy Hamapande, Africa director of Forgotten Voices, with his thoughts about fruitful partnerships

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Voices to Stimulate Wisdom

The latest curated resources for ministry leaders from the Ogilvie Institute of Preaching, including video and written reflections for the Lenten season

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Creative Worship Resources from Jubal House
Music and worship offerings from the Fred Bock Institute of Music’s Jubal House, including original and commissioned works

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