Worship and Music Ministry

We have come to expect music to be an element of the worship in most churches these days, but can we think critically about it? Do we know the rich musical heritage of our worship? How do we move beyond “contemporary” versus “traditional”? What is it about music in particular that allows it to serve as such an important vehicle of the Spirit?

These are some of the crucial questions for the leadership of any church to discuss, and Fuller's Brehm Center is providing a safe place to do so. When you pursue an emphasis in Worship and Music Ministry, you will study with instructors who are scholars, musicians, and practitioners in the church, who will help you think biblically about the role of music in worship.

Worship and Music Ministry at Fuller

Learn about this emphasis from Ed Willmington, Director of the Fred Bock Institute of Music

Featured Faculty

Composer-in-Residence: Ed Willmington

WMM-WillmingtonEdwin “Ed” Willmington is the Director of the Fred Bock Institute of Music of the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts, and Composer-in-Residence at Fuller Theological Seminary. As the institute director, Ed’s responsibilities include teaching graduate-level classes related to music and worship and serving as mentor to students who lead the Fuller Seminary Chapel ministry. In order to model the principles of creative worship, Ed hosts an annual one-day worship training conference, Forming Hearts, Creating Art, and the annual Festival of Worship (www.festivalofworship.com), which is a creative worship gathering of choirs and instrumentalists held at the Los Angeles Cathedral.

Ed’s recent compositional and CD projects include Jubilate! An Ancient-Future Concert Mass and "Reconciled in Christ," the music for the opening and closing ceremonies of The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, held in Cape Town, South Africa, in October 2010. He has developed Jubal House Publications (www.jubalhouse.com) to encourage creative and artistic composing of new musical works with spiritual and theological content for worship service planning and concert hall performances.

Ed has a BA in Church Music and Conducting from Bethel University in Minnesota, and he holds an MM in Composition and a DMA in Composition from the University of Arizona. Ed and his wife, Mary Lou, have two married daughters and four grandchildren.

Curriculum Requirements

To earn an emphasis in Worship and Music Ministry*, students must fulfill the emphasis requirements (24 units) listed below:

Required Courses (20 units):

IS501 Practice of Worship and Prayer

TC581 Worship Theology and the Arts Touchstone

WS518 Worship Ministry on the Lord's Day

WS514 Music as Theological Expression

WS515 Musical Worship Leadership Practicum

Choose One (4 units):

Any Communication course in the School of Intercultural Studies (ME)

Any Theology and Culture course (TC)

Any Worship Studies course (WS)

MC500 Church and Mission in Global Contexts

MC509 The CHurch in a Culture of Technology

MR547 World Religions: Art and Symbol

MR578 Music Peace Building, and Interfaith Dialogue

Scheduled Courses

Required Courses (20 units):

IS501, TC581, WS514, WS515, WS518

The following scheduled courses fulfill this emphasis requirements.

Course Number Course Title Faculty Term Location
WS514 Music/Theological Expression Willmington, Edwin M. Winter 2014 Pasadena
WS518 Worship Ministry/Lord's Day Boyd, Kevin R. Winter 2014 Texas (Houston)

Choose One (4 units):

MC500, MC509, MR547, MR578, Any ME, Any TC, Any WS

The following scheduled courses fulfill this emphasis requirement.

Course Number Course Title Faculty Term Location
ME506 Communicative Gospel Cross-Cult (Korean) Kim, Jinsik Spring 2014 Pasadena
ME506 Communicative Gospel Cross-Cult King, Roberta R. Winter 2014 Fuller Online
ME518 Exegeting Musical Culture King, Roberta R. Winter 2014 Pasadena
TC500 Theology and Culture Taylor, Barry R. Spring 2014 Pasadena
TC515 Understanding Popular Music Taylor, Barry R. Summer 2014 Non-Campus
TC515 Understanding Popular Music Taylor, Barry R. Winter 2014 N Calif (Menlo Park)
TC516 Theology, Worship, and Art Dyrness, William A. Winter 2014 Pasadena
TC518 Calling: Christian Vocation Jacobsen, Eric O. Spring 2014 Northwest (Seattle)
TC518 Calling: Christian Vocation Jacobsen, Eric O. Spring 2014 Pasadena
TC521 Theology and Contemporary Lit Basselin, Tomothy J. Winter 2014 Fuller Online
TC521 Teologica y Literatura Hispana (Spanish) Garcia-Johnson, Oscar A. Spring 2014 Pasadena
TC530 Theology and Film Barsotti, Catherine M. Spring 2014 Fuller Online
TC530 Theology and Film Callaway, Kutter D. Summer 2014 Fuller Online
TC530 Theology and Film Vincent, Elizabeth C. Winter 2014 N Calif (Sacramento)
TC552B Theology/Pacific NW Culture Kaemingk, Matthew J. Winter 2014 Northwest (Seattle)
TC565 Worship and Culture Johnson, Todd E. Spring 2014 Pasadena
TC588 Engaging Independent Films Callaway, Kutter D. Winter 2014 IYM
WS523 Anglican Liturgy and Worship Steven, James Winter 2014 Fuller Online

Emphasis courses are scheduled on a rotation and may not be available every quarter. For descriptions of courses that fulfill this emphasis, please visit the Academic Catalog.

*New emphasis structure is effective for Fall 2014. For information on your current emphasis track, contact your academic advisor.