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Arol Burns Mall

Arol Burns Mall

Closing Oakland Avenue in 1971 to build the Arol Burns Mall might be one of the most significant construction choices in the history of Fuller’s Pasadena campus. What was a road bifurcating the seminary became a pedestrian walkway, unifying the campus and creating a green oasis between Ford Place and Union Street. Since then, the mall has hosted chapel services, commencement, the All Nations Food Festival, arts festivals and concerts, harvest festivals, and much more. On any given day, the Fuller community has used this space for unplanned conversations, picnics, a park for children and pets, and even prayer. It has been a gift for local neighbors, a retreat in Pasadena, and the heart of the campus.

“I remember the gorgeous prayer room setup a few years ago by Jenn Graffius and the chapel team, I think perhaps for Lent? It was outside on the grassy knoll, with white sheets billowing in the breeze and quiet space to lay down, journal, pray, whatever. It was a more ‘chill’ version of fun, but another one of my favorite moments."
– Yolanda Miller, Fuller staff

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