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Fuller offers 18 degree programs to meet a range of needs-preparation for ministry or further education, personal or spiritual enrichment, and everything in between. Five programs are offered fully in the Korean language, and four in Spanish. Students can also choose from a breadth of flexible and online study plans. You can take all of your classes on-campus, combine online and on-campus courses, or complete your MDiv, MAT, MAICS, or MATM degree fully online (MAGL degree is available primarily online). All programs offer a range of class formats to choose from as well.


Earn a graduate-level degree: Fuller offers fully-accredited and widely respected Masters and Doctoral degrees in a variety of fields.


Earn graduate-level credit to enrich your life and enhance your opportunities: You may wish to improve your resume and your understanding by participating in one of Fuller's several certificate programs. Or you may choose to take between one and six classes for credit as a limited enrollment student. If you are already enrolled in a graduate-level program at another institution, as a visiting student you may take courses at Fuller for potential transfer credit into your current program.


Participate in coursework solely for personal enrichment: As an audit-only student, you may attend class meetings and interact with professors and other students without being graded.

School of Theology

School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy

School of intercultural studies