Bring New Insights to Others in Your Preaching

The Old Testament was not composed in a vacuum—it took shape in the rich cultural context of the ancient Near Eastern world. Understanding that context adds depth and new dimensions to your study of theology—and will help you bring new insights to others in your preaching or whatever form of ministry you pursue.

The Ancient Context of the Old Testament track is for students who want to better understand the historical and cultural backgrounds of the Old Testament and to learn Hebrew and Aramaic at a level sufficient for advanced exegesis. If you are looking for a well-rounded program that will enable you to thoughtfully synthesize the fields of ancient Near Eastern studies, biblical studies, and theology, this track is for you.


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Israelite Religion in its Ancient Near Eastern Context

Experiencing the Land of the Bible

This on-site immersion course gives new dimension to the biblical narrative as participants visit sites in Jerusalem, Galilee, the Dead Sea area, and Bethlehem

Language Courses

Options that include beginning and advanced Ugaritic, Akkadian, and Aramaic give students the language facility needed for informed study of Old Testament texts

History and Historiography of Ancient Israel

This seminar grounds students in the scholarly conversation about the history of Israel as a foundation for critical approaches to Old Testament scholarship


This track is available exclusively at Fuller’s Pasadena campus.


Carly Crouch, David Allan Hubbard Professor of Old Testament

Christopher B. Hays, D. Wilson Moore Associate Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Studies

J. Andrew Dearman, Professor of Old Testament

Marianne Meye Thompson, George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament

Marilyn Lundberg, Affiliate Associate Professor of Old Testament