In an effort to provide students with a number of residential course options, Fuller Seminary offers Hybrid Plus (also known as Hybrid+) courses as unique alternatives for establishing residency. Hybrid+ courses begin as online courses with a total of nine weeks of online coursework, while one week of the quarter is spent face-to-face on a Fuller campus. Hybrid+ courses are comprised of two online/face-to-face classes held concurrently, so you can earn 8 units of residency in a single week on campus when you complete both courses.

In addition to class time, Hybrid+ offers a rich community-building experience, including lunch with students and staff as well as evening sessions with discussions designed to offer spiritual and community formation. While Hybrid+ classes are full of formative participation, they are also intense. Students should be prepared to be committed each day from 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday, for the entire face-to-face week.

In addition to class time, the format will include lunch each day with students and faculty, as well as evening sessions offering prayer, worship, and discussion. These faculty-led discussions are designed to offer online students an opportunity for spiritual and community formation.



Course 1: OT500 Old Testament Introduction
Course 2: IS500 Practices of Vocational Formation

Course 1: LD500 Leadership or PM514 Missional Church and Leadership (LDR) OR BI500 Interpretive Practices
Course 2:
 IS501 Practices of Worship

Course 1: NT500 New Testament Introduction
Course 2: IS502 Practices of Community

Course 1: HT500 God and Christ: Historical Development (TH1 and TH4)
Course 2: IS503 Practices of Mission