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School of Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy


Clinical training: For MSMFT, PhD in Clinical Psychology and PsyD in Clinical Psychology students, it's where the rubber meets the road in your education—where you apply what you've learned in the classroom to real-life needs in the counseling room.

At Fuller, we are committed to helping students develop the highest quality of professional competence through our clinical training programs. Our faculty are directly involved in the training experience, helping shape the development of your skills and knowledge through both classroom instruction and small group consultation—complemented by the careful supervision and feedback you'll receive from experienced therapists.

In the MS in Marriage and Family Therapy (MSMFT) program, clinical training is given a central role. After learning basic intervention skills in a lab setting, students practice assessment and family therapy techniques by participating as a co-therapist or a team member in simulated marital or family therapy sessions-always under the supervision of a licensed faculty member. This is followed by a clinical placement, or "practicum," that normally spans one year. Throughout this process, students learn about Fuller's unique emphasis on formation in shaping MFT professionals who understand their work as an expression of the Christian virtues of peacemaking, humility, compassion, hope, and self-care.

Fuller's clinical training program for PhD in Clinical Psychology and PsyD in Clinical Psychology students is a multi-year experience, designed to develop a professional identity, consolidate basic clinical skills, and initiate students to a wide array of professional activities that comprise the field of clinical psychology. Students are given exposure to different clinical populations in different settings—with assignments that involve close supervision, direct modeling, and videotaped/audiotaped therapy review—and training experiences that are progressively more extensive and usually more specialized each year.

Capitalizing on the variety of clinical sites throughout the Los Angeles area, Fuller has training agreements with over 50 local mental health agencies to provide placements for our students. All PhD students spend the second year of their program in supervised training at Fuller Psychological and Family Services (FPFS), a clinic at our Pasadena campus that provides counseling to individuals, couples, and families, with a special emphasis on offering services to members of the local community who are in need.

Learn more about clinical training at Fuller on the MSMFT and Clinical Psychology program websites.