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2019 Integration Symposium

A Psychology of the Ordinary:

Humility, Grace, and Gratitude as Religious Inflections of the World

With Peter Hill, PhD

February 20–22, 2019
Pasadena, California


Peter Hill is one of the seminal researchers currently working in the psychology of religion. A recognized expert in the field of religious/spiritual measurement, he has conducted extensive research, published widely, influenced countless students, and served as past president of Division 36 of the American Psychological Association (Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality). His recent work in the psychology of religion, which includes the areas of positive psychology and the virtues, meshes well with much of the work done at Fuller’s School of Psychology and he has, in fact, collaborated regularly with Fuller faculty. In his three-day presentation Dr. Hill will bring a deeper theoretical and theological reflection on the psychology of religion, one that some have argued has been missing in recent years. This promises to be a constructive time of sharing leading research, research methodology, and theological reflection on such central religious concepts as humility, grace, and gratitude.

Peter Hill