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School of Psychology


Personal maturity and growth are foundational to training in marriage and family therapy. For this reason, students training to be marriage and family therapists are expected to possess personal integrity, empathy, emotional stamina and stability, commitment to the Christian faith, and dedication to his or her own individual, marital, and family health.

The Department supports the professional and personal development of students in a variety of ways. First, the program’s curriculum emphasizes the development of personal and professional character through personal reflection and case study analysis. Second, the program provides personal feedback through classroom assignments, skill training, and clinical supervision. Third, many students choose to participate in personal and professional development activities available through the School of Psychology and Seminary-sponsored programs. Students are also encouraged to participate in individual, martial, or family therapy while enrolled in the program. Students who participate in therapy will receive additional hours toward meeting the licensing requirements for Marriage and Family Therapists in the State of California.