Doctor of Ministry


This cohort will focus on organic discipleship and leadership development through the ongoing integration of three core paradigms:

  • Contextually and Culturally informed
  • Biblically and Theologically based
  • Developmental and Lifelong in its approach

Apply to join this cohort by February 10, 2019!


Through the cohort, participants will

  • Demonstrate clarity and understanding in the three core paradigms of the cohort (Contextual Formation, Lifelong Development and Biblical Formation)
  • Creation of a development-discipleship pathway and its application to learner’s unique contextual setting.
  • Integration of core paradigms and learning to the building of an organic, leadership development environment.
  • Demonstrate core skills in the mentoring and coaching of leaders and their development.
  • Diffusion of learning and innovation into the strategy of implementation, taking the organic leadership paradigm and applying it to the local church setting and/or missional ministry context.

Year One (August 19-23, 2019)
Personal Calling and Contribution
Developmental Paradigm

This first course in the Lifelong Leadership Formation cohort will lay the groundwork for developing leaders according to God’s unique shaping work. Leadership Emergence Theory is the body of research related to how God shapes leaders, over a lifetime. The three core components of time-analysis, processing and leadership development patterns will be explored and used to interpret and provide insight to a leader’s life.

Year Two (August 17-21, 2020)
Biblical Discipleship and Communion
Theological and Biblical Formation

This second course of the Cohort is focused on the issue of formation and Biblical foundations. The class will examine the integration of leadership development theory with both Biblical Theology and Spiritual formation. The development of a leader’s interior journey and the understanding of Biblical discipleship will be the primary focus of this class, along with models for practice.

Year Three (August 16-20, 2021)
Community and Context Formation
Contextual Formation Paradigm

This third course of the Cohort is focused on the issues related to role of community and learning communities play in the shaping and the formation of leaders. This class will examine one, missional communities model, its structure and core postures, as well as integrate learning from the Cohort into a pathway for leadership development.




Terry Walling is passionate to see leaders experience a breakthrough in their development. He resources, coaches and mentors breakthrough for entrepreneurial, risk-taking leaders, and helps them to accelerate onto greater Kingdom contribution. His passion is for seeing leadership development principles and insights resource more leaders to finish well. Terry's experience over the last 20 years allows him to not only speak into the lives of upper-level leaders, but also the systems that they lead.

Terry and his wife Robin have been married 32 years, and reside in Chico, California. They have three adult children Donya, Kyle and Brianna. Before starting Leader Breakthru, Terry served for twenty years with Church Resource Ministries (CRM) and was in charge of it's U.S. Ministries and launching systems to help revitalize local churches and their leaders.


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