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Abraham Ruelas

Adjunct Professor of Communication

BA, Patten University

BA, California State University East Bay

PhD, Stanford University


Abraham Ruelas is a published Pentecostal feminist whose area of writing, research and advocacy is women in ministry and leadership. He has been involved for over 50-years with Christian Cathedral, Patten Academy of Christian Education, and Patten University. At the university he taught undergraduate communication and psychology courses and served as psychology department chair and dean of academics. Dr. Ruelas and his wife Patricia are engaged in community work in Oakland California where they reside.


Abraham Ruelas is author of two books, Women and the Landscape of American Higher Education: Wesleyan Holiness and Pentecostal Founders (2010), No Room for Doubt: The Life and Ministry of Bebe Patten (2012), and co-author of a third, The Role of Female Seminaries on the Road to Social Justice for Women (2015). He has also written an article for Zocalo Public Square titled, “How African Americans Emerged from Slavery with a Hunger for Education.”