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Chris Adams Head Shot (002) - Chris Adams

Christopher Adams

Affiliate Professor

PhD Clinical Psychology (Fuller Theological Seminary)
MAT (Fuller Theological Seminary)
MSMFT (Fuller Theological Seminary)
BA in Religious Studies (Trevecca Nazarene University)


Chris Adams Rev. Chris Adams, PhD, is a third-generation pastor’s kid, ordained minister, clinical psychologist, and certified wellbeing and leadership coach. A proud Fuller alum, he has served in pastoral care and counseling roles in a large congregation and a large Christian university. He specializes in the wellbeing of ministerial students, clergy, and their families. Chris currently serves as Professor, Chaplain, and Executive Director of the Mental Health and the Church initiative at Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology, Biola University. Chris teaches pastoral care and counseling, Christian leadership formation, and psychology and Christianity integration courses for Rosemead and several seminaries. Chris is a consultant to numerous denominations and seminaries in the areas of clergy candidate formative evaluation, clergy health and flourishing, and pastoral leadership formation. He is the lead researcher for the Flourishing in Ministry project, and is currently participating as a consultant and researcher with the Duke Clergy Health Initiative. Chris is a frequent lecturer at seminaries, retreats, and conferences. He is married to Lori, a cardiac nurse, and they have two children – Lexi (12) and Cole (8). Chris enjoys spending time with his family, tennis, soccer, scuba diving, and music (especially jazz).


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