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Johnson, David Ray photo

David Ray Johnson

Adjunct Assistant Professor of New Testament

BS, Southeastern University
MTS, Pentecostal Theological Seminary
PhD, Bangor University, UK


David Ray Johnson is a New Testament scholar, educator, and writer. His interests include Pentecostal readings of the New Testament and visual artistic interpretations of Scripture. As an adjunct professor at Fuller, he is attentive to text-centered readings, the role of the Spirit, affects, and how art helps us experience the New Testament in new ways. Dr. Johnson is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre of Pentecostal Theology in Cleveland, TN and is working on an affective reading of Mark.


Pneumatic Discernment in the Apocalypse undertakes a Pentecostal reading of the Apocalypse investigating the theme of discernment. Published papers appear in the Journal of Pentecostal Theology that examines Pentecostal readings of the mark of the beast and pneumatology from 1906–1918. A chapter on parody and theology in the Apocalypse is forthcoming in an edited volume at Sheffield Phoenix Press.