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Kwon, Hanjun

Hanjun Kwon

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Bible and Mission Theory

PhD (Fuller Theological Seminary)
MA (Fuller Theological Seminary)
ThM (Presbyterian Theological Seminary)
MDiv (Presbyterian Theological Seminary)
BA (Seoul National University)


Hanjun Kwon is an affiliate professor at Fuller and vice-dean at Grace Mission University. His dissertation submitted in 2023 criticized colonial premises assumed in missio Dei and proposed a biblical definition of mission as “God’s self-denying collaboration for the earth community” based on Genesis 1–12. His primary research areas are missional hermeneutics, mission theology, and the Old Testament. He also studied Syriac Christianity, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Roman Catholicism while being an ordained pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Korea.


Hanjun is working on his first book, which will be an expansion of his PhD dissertation into an academic book, tentatively titled as Biblical Mission: God’s Self-Denying Collaboration for the Earth Community.