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Hyoung Kim

Hyoung K. Kim

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry

MDiv, Trinity Divinity School
PhD, Trinity Divinity School


Hyoung K. Kim founded Nadulmok Community Church in 2001, which branched forth into five churches in 2019. Currently, he is a chief representative of Hanabok DNA Network, the community of pastors striving to build alternative churches based on the gospel of the kingdom of God. Dr. Kim has been a visiting professor for Korean DMin programs at Fuller Theological Seminary since 2017 and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School since 2019.


Kim has published widely including the Trilogy on Abundant Life series (Invitation to an Abundant Life, 2013; The Foundation of an Abundant Life, 2014; and The First Steps for Abundant Life, 2015), Lord’s Prayer Lost in Korean Church (2014), Discipleship: The Way for Christianity to Exist (2017), The Kingdom of God in the City (2019) and Luke and the Kingdom of God (2020).