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Inseo Song Picture

Inseo Song

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Church History

BA, Korea University

MDiv, Yonsei United Graduate School of Theology

MA, Duke Divinity School

PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary


Inseo Song serves as Adjunct Assistant Professor at Fuller, teaching historical theology courses. He also teaches as Adjunct Faculty at Presbyterian Theological Seminary in America (Santa Fe Springs) and World Mission University (LA), where he teaches both in English and in Korean. Dr. Song received his PhD degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, and his dissertation is titled, “Dynamics of the Sense of Scripture: Luther and Calvin on the Book of Isaiah.” He serves as elder for Wilshire Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) in Los Angeles.


Dr. Song’s recent publications include “Luther on Islam and the Ottoman Turks, 1529-1546.” Korea Journal of Christian Studies 105 (July 2017): 117-144, and “Martin Luther’s Hermeneutics of the Old Testament Prophecy: the Case of Isaiah 1.” Canon & Culture 11:1 (April 2017): 5-34.