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Jae Suk Lee

Jae Suk Lee

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Mission Theory

BA, Calvin Theological College, Yongin-si, Korea
MDiv, Chongshin University
ThM in New Testament Studies, Calvin Theological Seminary
Doctor of Intercultural Studies, Grace Theological Seminary
PhD in Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary


Jae Suk Lee was born on June 25, 1974, on a small island in the south of Korea and went to elementary and middle school there as his father and mother moved to rural land. After his father died, Dr. Lee moved to Incheon city with his mother and went to high school. He graduated from Calvin College (BA) and Chongshin University (MDiv). Lee ministered as a missionary of the Philippines for around ten years.


In 2021, Lee published his PhD dissertation, Mission as Integrated Witness: A Missional Reading of the Foot Washing Narrative (John 13:1–38). He published four articles from 2019 to 2021: “Reconsideration of a Theological Education Model in the Light of Missional Discipleship,” Korean Society of Mission Studies 55 (2019): 258–98; “A Study on the Methodology of Missional Hermeneutics,” Korean Society of Mission Studies 60 (2020): 319–51; “Jesus’ Missional Teaching Ministry in the Gospel of Matthew,” Asian Missions Advance (July, 2021): 15–21; and “A Missional Reading of Jesus’ Foot Washing Narrative (John 13:1-20),” Korean Society of Mission Studies 64 (2021): 193–228.