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Jae Yang photo

Jae Yang

Adjunct Instructor in Theology


MDiv, Baekseok University

Th.M, Princeton Theological Seminary

PhD Candidate, Fuller Theological Seminary


Jae Yang is a Ph.D Candidate in Systematic Theology at Fuller. His research interests include the theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg, Modern Theology, and Public Theology. He has served as a pastor in a variety of positions in Southern California and South Korea.


Faith and Obedience in Bonhoeffer and the Communicatio Idiomatum,” Dialog: A Journal of Theology 60.2 (2021);  “Karl Barth’s Christological Ecclesiology: A Historical Development,” Ecclesiology 16.3 (2020); “Pannenberg’s Trinitarian Theology and the Use of Theological Sources,” The Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics 8 (2020); “Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Postfoundational Ecclesiology,” Ecclesiology 16.1 (2020); “Pannenberg’s Doctrine of Resurrection as Science,” Open Theology 5 (2019).