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Mitchell Spezzaferri

Adjunct Professor of Psychology

BA, California Baptist University

MA, California Baptist University

MA, Fuller Theological Seminary

PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary (2024)


I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Human Brain and Cognition lab at the Travis Research Institute under Dr. Warren S. Brown. My research interests include hemisphere organization/lateralization, neuroplasticity, and social-cognitive functioning. Currently, I am working on a project involving individuals who underwent hemispherectomy. I am also investigating how undergraduate students learn and study research methods, statistics, and the pedagogy therein.


Gradwohl, B. D., Spencer, R. J., Spezzaferri, M. R., Uguru, O., Moncrieffe, K., Nolty, A. A., Harrington, M. (2020). Modified Scoring for the BVMR-R: Does Awarding Half-Point Credit Improve in Detecting Memory Impairment?. Applied Neuropsychology: Adult.; Spezzaferri, M. R., Collins, G., Aguilar, J. E., Larsen, A. M. (2017) Moral Depravity: Going Beyond Just an Attribute of Psychopathy. Journal of Forensic Psychology 2: 122. doi:10.4172/2475-319X.1000122; o Spezzaferri, M. R., Brown, W. S., Paul, L. K., & Nolty, A. T. (2022). Childhood hemispherectomy impacts social cognitive functioning in adulthood. [Manuscript in preparation]. Department of Clinical Psychology, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology.; Spezzaferri, M. R. & Arakaki, X. (2022). BVMT-R Scores Are Related to Medial Temporal Lobe Volumetrics in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment. [Manuscript in preparation]. Department of Neurosciences, Huntington Medical Research Institutes.; Rising, S., Spezzaferri, M. R., & Arakaki, X. (2022). Brain volumetric analysis (NeuroQuant) and the CVLT-II in predicting Alzheimer’s disease in health individuals. [Manuscript in preparation]. Department of Neurosciences, Huntington Medical Research Institutes.