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Caudill, Norah

Norah Caudill

Affiliate Associate Professor of Old Testament

AA, Multnomah Bible College
BS, Multnomah Bible College
MA, Western Conservative Baptist Seminary
PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary


Norah Caudill is an affiliate associate professor of Old Testament at Fuller where she has taught Hebrew, Hebrew Exegesis, and various Old Testament courses since 1999. Dr. Caudill earned her PhD in Theology (Old Testament major) from Fuller in 2006. Her dissertation, “The Presence of God in Exodus: Purposes, Means and Implications,” explored the theology of God’s presence with his people in their journey from Egypt to Sinai. She also teaches Old Testament as an adjunct professor of Old Testament for Bethel Seminary.


Caudill has contributed 24 articles to the Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary (2013) on topics such as “Beth Shemesh,” “Damascus,” “Hebron,” “Table of Nations,” and “Transjordan.” She is also a contributor to the CSB Heart of God Teen Study Bible (2019), and the CSB Baker Illustrated Study Bible (2019).