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Peter Altmann

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Old Testament

PhD (Princeton Theological Seminary)
ThM (Princeton Theological Seminary)
MDiv (Seattle School of Theology and Psychology)
BA (University of Washington)


Peter grew up in Reno, NV and studied German at Univ. of Washington (Seattle). He worked briefly as an investment consultant in Austria before a stint with a church in South Africa. He completed a MDiv at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology before doctoral studies at Princeton Seminary. He spent six years as an instructor and researcher in OT at the University of Zurich (Switzerland) before returning to Reno, where he directs the Roots for Christian Growth.


Peter’s publications have focused around two topics in the OT: meals and economics. His dissertation appeared as Festive Meals in Ancient Israel (2011), which has been followed by publications on feasting, famine, and related topics. In Economics in Persian-Period Biblical Texts (2016) he investigates ancient economics, especially in the Persian period of Ezra and Nehemiah.