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Rudy Estrada

Rudy Estrada

Adjunct Assistant Professor of New Testament

BA, Vanguard University
MACP, Duke University
MTS, Duke University
PhD, Regent University


Rudy Estrada is from San Diego, California. He has a PhD in Biblical Studies from Regent University and holds two master’s degrees from the Divinity School of Duke University. He has served as the dean of academic affairs and accreditation liaison officer of LABI College for over eight years, leading the school through accreditation, program, and curricular assessment at the undergraduate level. Currently, Dr. Estrada is director of institutional research where he works on accreditation and state authorization related duties for Fuller Seminary. Married to his wife Jessica for over 17 years, they enjoy hiking in the mountains, camping, kayaking, cooking, and coffee.


Along with his administrative experiences, Estrada has published articles on topics related to the Holy Spirit and ethnicity in the Gospel of John, Acts, and Jude in various academic journals. His main area of research focuses on biblical pneumatology and ethnicity in the Greco-Roman world. His book A Pneumatology of Race in the Gospel of John is an extended revision of his doctoral dissertation (2019).