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Redford Family Photos October 2019

Shawn B. Redford

Affiliate Associate Professor of Mission Theology

BS, Purdue University

MA, Fuller Theological Seminary

MDiv Equivalency,  12 units of Greek and 8 units of Hebrew, Fuller Theological Seminary

PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary


Shawn Redford teaches in the USA and Kenya. Redford has committed over 25 years of his life to offer biblical skills for understanding God’s mission, so that Scripture may reshape, guide, and sharpen today’s mission practice. Dr. Redford teaches in biblical theology of mission and missiological hermeneutics at three schools including Fuller Seminary’s School of Intercultural Studies and Africa International University-Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (AIU-NEGST). Redford is married with three children. He enjoys hiking and backpacking with his family.


Redford has authored Missiological Hermeneutics: Biblical Interpretation for the Global Church (2012), and several book chapters including: “Mission Theology and Postmodern Social Networks” in Contemporary Mission Theology (2017), “Innovations in Missiological Hermeneutics” in The State of Missiology Today (2016), “Appropriate Hermeneutics” in Appropriate Christianity (2005), “The Contextualization and Translation of Christianity in Acts 9, 22 and 26” in Mission in Acts (2004), and “Facing the Faceless Frontier: Missiology and the Internet” in Footprints of God (1999). Redford has served as an editor for The Jesus Documents (2012), Announcing the Kingdom: The Story of God’s Mission in the Bible (2003), and The Bible and Mission, Rev. Ed. (2000).