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Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry

Welcome to the Fuller Asian American Center!
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Researching, Equipping, and Resourcing the Asian American Church

How do we allow the gospel to permeate and transform every aspect of who we are? Students at Fuller’s Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry—or Asian American Center (AAC)—are equipped with a contextualized gospel that enables them to lead as an Asian American or in Asian American contexts. Students learn to integrate biblical truth deeply with the Asian American experience, identity, and community.

This includes a rich understanding of the complex needs and leadership potential of East/Southeast/South Asian Americans; the particular experiences of multiethnic folks and adoptees; navigating ethnic-specific and pan-Asian American contexts; and more.

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Photo by Ken Fong Photography
Photo by Ken Fong Photography

Campus Life

The Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry, in partnership with the Asian American Student Fellowship (AASF), holds events and hosts speakers for our students both in Pasadena and online throughout the year—including a welcome banquet, guest lectures, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May, and a graduation banquet. These events, as well as other AASF social gatherings, offer natural points of connection and community for Asian American students, leading many to become friends and study partners and even lifelong ministry collaborators.

Course Offerings

Our foundational course, Asian American Identity and Ministry (TM528), provides an interdisciplinary framework that integrates psychology, sociology, culture studies, and critical race theory with theology. It is a must-take class for Asian American students, regardless of their calling, and for those looking to minister in Asian American or multiethnic contexts.

Other courses include:
Asian American Pastoral Ministry (PM506)
Asian American Theologies (ST544)
The Church as Family System (FI506)

AAC Course Offerings
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Formation Groups and Mentoring

Those who wish to can participate in quarterly, faculty-led Spiritual Formation Groups—intimate cohorts of four to five Asian American students. By sharing their personal journeys in a safe, guided environment, students in these groups have the opportunity to work through their identity, calling, and relationship with Christ. Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry staff are available to support students in other ways as well: dealing with personal matters, looking for resources for a paper, or exploring questions of vocation and calling. We can also connect students with faculty on campus or other Asian American scholars around the country.

Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

The Asian American Center produces a podcast on Christ, the Christian life, and Asian American perspectives with rotating hosts. Between regular episodes, as well as specially presented content, we dive into the reality and beauty of living out Asian American Christian faith. Seasons have focused on psychology and mental health, building community as AAPI Christians, Christ and culture, and more.

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Featured Faculty

Our widely respected faculty combine decades of ministry experience with groundbreaking
work in church leadership, Pentecostal theology, psychology, and more.

Daniel D. Lee

Academic Dean for the Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry, Assistant Professor of Theology and Asian American Ministry, and Diversity Council Co-Chair

Janette Ok

Associate Professor of New Testament

Miyoung Yoon Hammer

Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy and Chair of the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy

Migum Gweon

Director of Clinical Training for MFT and Instructor in Marriage and Family Therapy, Department of Marriage and Family Therapy

Kenneth Wang

Professor of Psychology and PhD Program Chair, Clinical Psychology Department

Hak Joon Lee

Lewis B. Smedes Professor of Christian Ethics

Cameron Lee

Professor of Marriage and Family Studies

Soong-Chan Rah

Robert Munger Professor of Evangelism

Ahmi Lee

Assistant Professor of Preaching

Jose Abraham

Associate Professor of Islamic Studies

Amos Yong

Chief Academic Officer, Dean of the School of Theology and the School of Intercultural Studies and Professor of Theology and Mission

Asian American Center on FULLER studio

The Curses of God’s People: Dynamics of a Genuine Covenantal Interaction

Daniel Lee considers lessons from Job about how to live faithfully in covenant with God

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Minari | A Conversation with Lee Isaac Chung and Harry Yoon

Director Lee Isaac Chung and Editor Harry Yoon speak with filmmaker Eugene Suen about the making of the award winning film Minari

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Daniel D. Lee

Assistant Provost
Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry

Assistant Professor of Theology and Asian American Ministry

Russell Yee

Asian American Formation Group Facilitator
Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry

Adjunct Professor of Worship

Jessica ChenFeng

Contextual Identity Formation Advisor
Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry

Kevin Doi

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Asian American Church Studies
Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry

Jason G. L. Chu

Program Coordinator
Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry

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