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Are you looking for a specialized arts and theology resource? Through the FULLER Leadership Platform, the Brehm Center offers a number of online resources engaging specific art forms, such as faith and film, music and worship, the arts in spiritual formation, and more. If you aren’t near one of our Brehm Center locations––or even if you are––access our online worship, theology, and arts resources from anywhere.

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Immerse Yourself in Worship, Theology, and Arts Resources––Wherever You Are

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The Arts and the Story of God

This course offers a shift in perspective on the Biblical narrative through the lens of creativity so we may respond to this great story as active participants.

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Nurturing your God-Given Creativity

Creativity is not reserved for just a few talented people. It’s built into each one of us as a reflection of the Creator God.

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The Maker Series: Image Maker

This course looks at the value of visual art in the divine economy, recognizing image making as an invitation from God to partner in the New Creation.

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The Well-Formed Worship Leader

Through this Equip course, you’ll learn to see your work as a worship leader in a deeper way than ever before through the lens of six essential themes.
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Watching TV Religiously

This course provides an initial look at the tools, ethics, and potential use of television for Christians.

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Theology and Popular Music

Theology and Popular Music is inspired by the Brehm Center’s immersion course to South by Southwest (SXSW), the annual music and arts festival in Austin, Texas.

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Healing Cultural Divisions Through Art

Makoto Fujimura, founder of the Culture Care movement, and others reflect on what it means to care for culture as artists and as appreciators of the arts.

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Connecting Justice and Worship

Based on the book The Dangerous Act of Worship by Mark Labberton, this course helps you to develop a clearer definition of what it means to worship.

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Praying the Psalms

What do you do when you’re filled with emotions that are difficult to name? For centuries, Christians have gone to the Psalms to give voice to their deepest sorrow, anger, and joy.

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