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Where Worship, Preaching, and Justice Converge

The vision of Brehm Preaching—A Lloyd John Ogilvie Initiative—is to proclaim Jesus Christ and to catalyze a movement of empowered, wise preachers, who seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God, leading others to join God’s mission in the world.

micah groups

Micah Groups and More

The Ogilvie Initiative, established in 2009, recognizes the great need that society has for preachers who can preach with passion and set out to equip and enable a brave, bold breed of preachers for the 21st century church.

Micah Groups is the primary program that brings this vision to life. Since 2011, more than 1300 preachers and church leaders around the world have joined this multiethnic, transdenominational movement of men and women leading the church to address pressing issues of justice while serving an ever more fragmented church.

Our Most Recent Blog Posts

Brehm Preaching on YouTube

Visit our YouTube channel for regular videos to help you plan your worship services, to hear from members of our Micah community, and to see what's new with Brehm Preaching and other Brehm initiatives.

In this Micah Podcast Behind-the-Scenes, Bret, Joy, and Jin consider the possibility that the Western Church's view may be from "a penthouse suite in the Tower of Babel."

Listen to the full episode here: iTunes, Spotify, and Buzzsprout

Ogilvie Sermon Archives

Brehm Preaching is honored to host the online collection of Dr. Ogilvie’s library and archived sermons. The David Allan Hubbard Library has catalogued all of these resources, which are available for research. We are grateful for the special gifts from the Let God Love You Board, and in particular the work of George Bayz, who made it possible for these video resources to be available online.

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  • Empower wise preachers, who seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.
  • Be an instrument of reconciliation and justice.
  • Transform a ministry today.
  • Support a faith and ministry that is shaped by diverse perspectives.
  • Sustain our mission.

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