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Micah Groups

God has called the church to be an instrument of reconciliation and justice in our fractured world. That call requires church leaders who pursue discipleship in community with other leaders, receiving the encouragement and support they need while cultivating a faith and ministry that is shaped by diverse perspectives. Micah Groups are for any leaders, not just preachers, who share the gospel through their vocational call.

people talking in a relaxed classroom

What Are Micah Groups?

Micah Groups were formed in 2011 as a program of Brehm Preaching—A Lloyd John Ogilvie Initiative—to create communities throughout the United States where preachers could experience formation in a cohort of peers committed to the convergence of worship, preaching, and justice. What began as seven pilot groups has grown to nearly 150 groups and 1,500 members in the US and internationally. This multiethnic, transdenominational movement of men and women is leading the church to address pressing issues of justice as it forms preachers who are empowered, wise leaders ready to serve an ever more fragmented church.

Courageous Conversation

Learn from a network of Christian leaders sharing diverse perspectives

Support and Refreshment

Be encouraged in your personal discipleship and spiritual formation

Emboldened Leadership

Maximize your effectiveness in the convergence of worship, preaching, and justice

Empowered Ministry

Lead your ministry in doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God

Become a Micah Group Facilitator

The first step to starting a new Micah Group is to become a trained Micah Group facilitator. Micah Group facilitators are experienced church leaders who (1) are committed to the convergence of worship, preaching, and justice, (2) have a vision for bridge-building among diverse clergy in their community, (3) are already building relationships across denominational, ethnic, gender, and other cultural divides, and (4) are ready to commit about two years to Micah Groups as a priority in their life and ministry.

people talking in a relaxed classroom

First Things

Traditional Micah Groups utilize our First Things curriculum that includes 12 concentrated reflections on themes connected to the core of our human experience—Communion, Home, Fire, Vision, Burden, Voice, Context, Discernment, Opportunity, Threats, Risk, and Courage—with a focus on preacher and community formation, followed by sermon and mission formation. The goal of the curriculum is a church leader with freshly invigorated, clarified, and effective vocation.

Micah Intensives

Micah Intensives are one month, online, small group experiences where you’ll engage with a diverse group of people around God’s call to us and to the church to respond to pressing issues of justice. You’ll explore the digital material in your own time—including text, videos, discussion questions, quizzes, and other interactive prompts. Then you’ll meet with your small group for a 60-75 minute webinar conversation each week, guided by an experienced facilitator from the Micah Groups program.

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