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If your church is ready for a courageous conversation about racism, immigration, or any of the topics below, we can provide a facilitator to help you get started. Contact us to learn more about scheduling a private Micah Intensive.

Micah Intensives

A Micah Intensive is a one month, fully online, interactive opportunity to engage in courageous conversation with other Christian leaders and learners who are wrestling with many of the complex issues of our time.


Explore the digital material anytime, anywhere—including text, videos, discussion posts, quizzes, and other interactive prompts. Then, meet with your online small group (6-9 people) for five 60–75 minute webinars each week, guided by an experienced Micah Groups facilitator.


Come on your own, bring a Micah friend from a previous group, or invite others from your church or community. Micah Intensives are open to anyone longing to discern God's will for us in response to injustice.

Email if you have any questions.

Doing Justice: Israel/Palestine

Israel/Palestine is a sacred place to all Abrahamic faiths, considered to be “The Holy Land.” For many Christians, the tender emotions  are also mixed with concern over the ongoing tensions and conflict. What might it look like to hold God’s love, justice, mercy, peace, and hope as the lens through which we view the realities of this sacred land?

Click on the video to hear Katie Archibald-Woodward, our Micah Intensives facilitator and content expert on this topic.

Doing Justice: Mass Incarceration

The current imprisonment of Americans is unprecedented in its magnitude compared to anywhere else in the world and in any other time in human history. How are Christians to respond to this complex issue?

Click on the video to hear Jarret Keith, our Micah Intensives facilitator and content expert on this topic.


Micah Intensives use the curriculum series Doing Justice, which includes individual courses on twelve specific issues of justice. Topics include Disabilities to Differences, Environment, Gun Violence, Healthcare, Immigration, Income Inequality, Israel/Palestine, Mass Incarceration, Public Education, Racism, Urban Renewal, and Violence Against Women.


Each course will explore introductory material to familiarize learners with some of the key issues and history related to each topic, then three to four different Christian responses will be explored. The hope is that by learning to understand why people hold certain positions, we will grow in wisdom and insight toward God’s will regarding these complex issues.

Examples of previous intensives

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