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Student Recommendations

Vincent Wei-Cheng Lin, MDiv

Jacob Chengwei Feng, MAT and PhD in Theological Studies candidate

Henry Fong, MDiv (online)

Anthony Yau, MDiv (online)

Zheng Ning“Before coming to Fuller I have been pastoring a house church in China for 14 years. I completed the MDiv in 2018, ThM in 2021, and am now in the DMin program. During the three-year Master of Divinity study, I was fortunate to have contact with teachers and classmates from different denominations and cultural backgrounds, helping me understand different cultural contexts and theological positions. Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary emphasize the integration of situations and disciplines, such as Christian faith and media, culture, and psychology, among others. The concentration of my MDiv is youth, family, and culture. The Fuller Youth Institute at Fuller Seminary has great research resources on youth and youth ministry.” - Zheng Ning (China), MDiv


Anthony Yau“The online MDiv program at Fuller has provided a cross-cultural platform for me to learn and participate in theological and biblical studies with professors and students from all over the world. Instead of a self-study program, the online MDiv program equips me to engage in active learning in a diverse learning community through both synchronized and asynchronized interactions, which is a practical communication skill in the present environment.” - Anthony Yau (Hong Kong, China), MDiv (online)


Yu-Huei Huang“Fuller Theological Seminary equipped me with the ability to appreciate the history and culture behind my upbringing and ministry context, leading me to believe that a keen awareness of one's cultural context is a fundamental element of good biblical studies and theology.” - Yu-Huei Huang (Taiwan), MDiv




Janice Chan"Fuller has deepened and broadened my understanding of biblical interpretations and applications. The professors are exceptionally passionate and experienced. They stir my passion for embracing unity in diversity and advocating for social justice. I have been graciously awarded multiple scholarships to complete my master's degree at Fuller, a renowned evangelical and multidenominational seminary dedicated to equipping men and women for spiritual formation and ministries in God’s kingdom.” - Janice Chan (Hong Kong, China), MAT in Biblical Studies


The Chinese Studies Center Scholarship offers financial support to Fuller students whose primary language is Chinese and who plan to serve Chinese-speaking Christians in church ministries or in psychological counseling practice, or in other professions that nourish faith of Chinese-speaking Christians. Apply at

The Chinese Studies Center Scholarship (CSCS) timeline has changed.  Please send your CSCS application, together with a copy of your Universal Scholarship Application (USA), to as early as you can.  Deadline: May 3, 2024, Friday.

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