Doctor of Missiology


  1. Ministry Experience Statement
  2. Focus Statement
  3. Writing Sample Assignment
  4. Ten-Page Paper/Essay Based on Three Assigned Books

1.  Ministry Experience Statement

Please describe your ministry experience.

Provide a resume listing your professional experience over the last 10 years. Please provide the name of the organization, title of your position, a brief description of duties, and years of employment. You must demonstrate that you have at least 5 years of significant ministry experience and are actively engaged in a leadership role.

Please describe your cross-cultural ministry experience.

If fluent in a language other than English, please list the language(s), your level of proficiency, and your experience in using the language(s) in a cross-cultural setting.

2.  Focus Statement

The DMiss is a cohort-based doctoral degree program designed for in-service leaders. The program assists students in conducting missiological research that will address a problem or opportunity arising within their context of ministry. Students’ research should be collected from relevant literature, their communities, and their organizations, and dissertations designed and written to propose practical and concrete application steps to accomplish positive change in their respective organizations, ministries, or churches.

Please provide a 500-word Focus Statement describing what you seek to address through the DMiss program. The Focus Statement should include the following items:

  • Proposed title of your dissertation
  • Proposed research issues (arising from a problem or opportunity arising within the context of the organization, ministry, or church where you have influence)
  • Where the doctoral field research would be done
  • Personal and ministerial background information which addresses how your ministry experience will inform your doctoral research topic

3.  Writing Sample Assignment

Applicants are expected to demonstrate graduate-level writing competence via a writing sample of English work that is 15-30 pages in length and demonstrates an applicant’s ability to:

  • Write clearly and concisely, in a formal, academic manner, using appropriate citations and bibliography
  • Sustain an argument or discussion, integrate ideas, critique relevant literature, and suggest conclusions
  • Reflect on the missiological and theological relevance of the chosen topic

Ideally, the writing sample should reflect current writing and interests. It may include one of the following:

  • MA-level writing project
  • MA- or ThM-level thesis
  • Published book
  • Published articles
  • Doctoral dissertation in another field

4.  Ten-Page Paper/Essay Based on Three Assigned Books


Bosch, David J. 1991. Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission, American Society of Missiology Series, No. 16.
Maryknoll, NY: Orbis.

Glasser, F. Arthur, Charles E. Van Engen, Dean S. Gilliland, and Shawn B. Redford. 2003. Announcing the Kingdom: The Story of God's Mission in the Bible. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic.

Hiebert, Paul G., R. Daniel Shaw, and Tite Tienou. 1999. Understanding Folk Religion: A Christian Response to Popular Beliefs and Practices. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker.

NOTE: These titles are currently all available online, in Kindle as well as print versions.   


Respond to the below in a 10-page, double-spaced paper, answering in as complete a manner as your reading, background knowledge of missiology, and experience enables you. Include appropriate citations. You may draw on your own missional experience and/or anticipated doctoral study for examples of missiological principles; however, please note that this paper should demonstrate an applicant’s ability to:

  • Write clearly and concisely
  • Integrate ideas
  • Interact with authors; and interplay the authors ideas with one another
  • Make application of the literature to the applicant’s research interests
  1. Compare and contrast how the three texts address the following:
    • Biblical theology of mission
    • The church’s role in the mission of God
    • Contextualizing the gospel
  2. Discuss how one or more of these texts address the topic of your proposed project and how they help shape the understanding on which you base your project.