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Chris Blumhofer

Associate Professor of New Testament

BA, Wheaton College
MDiv, Duke Divinity School
PhD, Duke University

Courses Taught

BI500: Interpretive Practices

NT500: New Testament Introduction

NE517: New Testament Exegesis: Gospel of John (English text)

NE527: Gospel of Mark (Greek text)

NT557: Slavery in the New Testament

NT860: The New Testament in Its Ancient Contexts

Areas of Expertise

Gospel of John, theological interpretation of Scripture, Old Testament in the New Testament

“The Gospel of John reimagines ‘glory’ in a cruciform way. The result makes a mockery of Caesar’s glory not because his fame is so minuscule compared to the super-sized glory of God, but because true glory is too far beneath Caesar and his officers for them to recognize it.”


Chris Blumhofer, from a presentation on “glory” in John’s Gospel at the Society of Biblical Literature.


Chris Blumhofer joined Fuller’s School of Theology faculty in July 2018. He completed his PhD at Duke University in 2017, focusing his research on the significance of John’s engagement with the Old Testament and Jewish traditions. Outside of his work on John, Dr. Blumhofer’s interests include theological interpretation of Scripture, the Synoptic Gospels, and the relationship of Christianity to Judaism.

Blumhofer is the recipient of several scholarships and grants, and has presented at various conferences on topics related to the New Testament. He coauthored, with Richard Hays, the chapter “The Scriptural Matrix of the Gospels” in The Cambridge Companion to the Gospels, edited by Stephen Barton and Todd Brewer (2021), as well as articles in New Testament Studies and Review of Biblical Literature. Prior to entering academia, Blumhofer worked for three years with Christianity Today’s leadership media group, and he has written extensively for general audiences. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and ordained as a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Download Blumhofer’s CV, which includes a list of his current publications, here.

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