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Christin J. Fort

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology

BA, Wheaton College
MAT, Fuller Theological Seminary
PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary

Courses Taught

PI503: Touchstone Course in Theology and Psychology
PG847: Professional Development and Emerging Leaders
PC814: Clinical Interventions: Diversity
PI806: Advanced Integration
PG826: Research Methods 1: Practice-Based Approaches

Areas of Expertise

Intersectionality in clinical psychology and biblical theology; theology of affectivity; psychoanalytic theory and psychotherapy; racial trauma, the Black church, and mental health; theoretical psychology


“Embracing an integrative way of life is core to the life of those who faithfully follow Jesus. Our call to love God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves, is an explicit invitation from Christ to live integrated lives and to help others to do the same (Mark 12:28–34).”


Christin J. Fort


Christin J. Fort joined Fuller’s faculty in 2022 as an assistant professor of clinical psychology. In this role she specializes in the integration of clinical psychology and biblical theology. Her interdisciplinary passions were first fanned into flame as an undergraduate student at Wheaton College and were later cultivated more fully as a graduate student at Fuller, where she continued to study both disciplines at the doctoral level. As an African American woman of enslaved descent, Dr. Fort’s scholarship, research, teaching, preaching, and clinical practice lie at the intersections of faith, race, emotional health and relational well-being. Her work in these areas is regularly highlighted in her column on “Justice in Teaching, Research and Practice” in the Journal of Psychology and Christianity where she serves as an associate editor. She is the author of a range of academic articles published in journals such as the Journal of Psychology and Theology, Pastoral Psychology, and the aforementioned Journal of Psychology and Christianity.

Prior to her appointment at Fuller, Fort was a tenure-track faculty member at Wheaton College, where she served as the director of integrative dialogue in the School of Psychology, Counseling, and Marriage and Family Therapy. In that role, she was a primary facilitator of conversations between departments (i.e., counseling, psychology, and MFT) and disciplines (i.e., psychology, theology and biblical studies). At that time, she also served as a doctoral advisor and co-director of the Multicultural Peace and Justice Collaborative—an innovative, collaborative research team that is intentionally multicultural in membership and focus. She is delighted to continue her interdisciplinary work as a faculty member at Fuller.

Fort is also deeply committed to her work as a practicing psychologist. As a clinician, her work with individuals, couples, and families focuses on matters of faith, race, gender, sexuality, and interpersonal and intergenerational trauma from systemic and psychoanalytic perspectives. She considers it a privilege to co-create sacred space for her clients to process their pasts, acknowledge the present, and anticipate the future with hope. She experiences the therapy room as a transformative space for herself as well as for her clients. Her service as a practitioner brings the theories that she teaches to life and informs her research and writing. Her clinical practice keeps her academic work and scholarship grounded in lived experience and inspires her to continue to build bridges between research, teaching, and practice for the sake of the church and society as a whole.

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