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Euiwan Cho

Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality and Ministry

BA, Yonsei University
MDiv, PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Courses Taught

FE741/FE742: KDMin Practicum

PM741: Theology and Practices of Pastoral Ministry in the Korean Context

TH740: The Sociological Study of Religion and Its Implications for the Korean/Korean-American Context

TM742: Desert Spirituality and Urban Ministry in the Korean Context

TM743: Missional Churches and Leadership in the Korean Context

TM746: Missional Church and Spirituality in a Culture of Fear

IS502: Practices of Community

Campus Affiliations

Areas of Expertise

Desert spirituality, monasticism, Christian spirituality, sociology of religion, consumerism, holistic ministry

“Today, it is not hard to see how many tirelessly bustling actions and concerns hinder Christians, who are originally called to be living reminders of the divine presence in their lives. Many pastors and leaders clinging to a ministry to survive often forget that God is more interested in themselves than in their ministry and achievement. The authenticity of the spiritual journey depends on honest confrontation with the self. Such a spiritual journey leaves us vulnerable.”


Euiwan Cho


Euiwan Cho joined Fuller Theological Seminary in 2012. Having majored in church and society, he specializes in the sociology of religion and spiritual formation and their implications for holistic ministry in the Korean/Korean-American context. In his book iChurch and Seven Deadly Sins (in Korean, 2012), Dr. Cho analyzes consumer-Christianity and emphasizes the need to pay attention to the voice of fourth-century desert spirituality. In his recent book Desert Spirituality and Urban Ministry (2020), he explores the origins and subsequent development of Egyptian desert spirituality and its theological and practical implications for Protestants.

Cho previously served as a faculty member at Luther Rice University/Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia. He also served as senior pastor of Knoxville Korean Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, for six years.

He is a member of the American Academy of Religion, the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality, the Korean Society of Evangelical Practical Theology, and the Association for Doctor of Ministry Education.

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