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Nathan Feldmeth

Senior Assistant Professor of Church History

AB, Occidental College
ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary
PhD, University of Edinburgh

Courses Taught

CH500: Early Church History

CH502: Medieval and Reformation History

CH504: Modern Church History

CH506: American Church History

CH527: Christianity and Science in Historical Perspective

CH575: Women in Church History and Theology

ST574: Theology of C. S. Lewis

Areas of Expertise

Church history, women in church history, history of exegetical method, the historic tension between Christian theology and science, Christian humanism, William Tyndale, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Anglican Church


Nathan Feldmeth has taught at Fuller since 1982. Current research topics include exegetical method in Tudor England, the Anglo-Saxon church, and the tensions that exist between Christian theology and science.

Dr. Feldmeth has authored The Pocket Dictionary of Church History (2008) and contributed to several dictionaries, including the Dictionary of Christianity in America, The Global Dictionary of Theology, and A New Dictionary of Christian Theology. He teaches Early Church History, Medieval and Reformation Church History, American Church History, Modern Church History, Christianity and Science in Historical Perspective, Women in Church History and Theology, and Theology of C. S. Lewis.

As a longtime faculty member and administrator for Fuller’s regional campuses, Feldmeth is actively committed to “making superb training for Christian ministry available to the many students who want a Fuller degree but cannot move to Pasadena.”

Feldmeth recently assumed the position of “Teaching Elder” at the Water’s Edge Church, a Presbyterian fellowship in El Segundo, California.

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