Fuller Formation Groups

Forming Global Leaders for Kingdom Vocations

Fuller Formation Groups provide an opportunity for church, mission, and marketplace leaders to deepen their spiritual and leadership formation in community with others. Each group consists of 10 to 12 men and women and features quarterly retreats, monthly meetings, and weekly content engagement—taking place over a period of 13 to 14 months. Different types of groups are offered to meet differing needs, but all will guide their members to more fruitfully engage God’s kingdom work in the world.


  • Learn in biblical community as part of a supportive cohort of your peers

  • Develop practices that nurture lifelong patterns of spiritual and emotional health

  • Be mentored and coached by seasoned leaders, pastors, and spiritual directors

  • Grow in vocational clarity and agility through integrated spiritual and leadership formation

Every group includes three components:

  1. Weekly Content will feature short videos, readings, and formation exercises designed to help you grow in faith and leadership

  2. Monthly Small Groups with your cohort will meet either in person or virtually to process what you are learning from the weekly content and formation experiences

  3. Quarterly Retreats will each offer a three-day space when your cohort gathers to meet with God, pray, engage in spiritual practices, and enjoy one another in fellowship

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Four types of Fuller Formation Groups provide for the differing needs of God’s people and their contexts:


The demands of pastoral and ministry leadership can be great, and many in paid ministry vocations find it difficult to endure. These groups, led by experienced pastors and leader practitioners, help members

  • establish patterns of formation that can sustain a lifetime of ministry
  • cultivate the tools and means to address critical issues facing our communities
  • grow in global awareness of what God is doing in the world and how to participate effectively
  • learn within a community of peers with coaching from seasoned mentors


We believe that all vocations are “kingdom vocations.” These groups will help leaders to serve God faithfully in businesses, homes, schools, neighborhoods—in every walk of life—by

  • discovering what it looks like, day by day, to integrate your faith and work
  • cultivating a clear vision for your vocational calling in Christ
  • developing spiritual practices to form your life holistically
  • learning from seasoned marketplace leaders committed to God’s kingdom purposes in the world


Church planters need a community of other leaders for encouragement and insight in their demanding task. Through curated content and guidance from a veteran church planter, members of these groups will

  • establish patterns of formation that can sustain a lifetime of ministry
  • cultivate the tools to address critical issues facing church planters
  • develop a clear vision for roles as church planters
  • learn within a community of peers with coaching from seasoned mentors


These groups—designed for Christians who are called to serve as musicians, visual artists, writers, filmmakers, and in other vocations related to the arts—help members to

  • establish patterns of formation to sustain deep integration of their faith and creative calling
  • grow in awareness of God’s work in the world and the role artists are called to play
  • cultivate the tools to address critical issues facing artists and their communities
  • learn within a community of peers with coaching from seasoned mentors


These cohorts will offer opportunities for whole churches to grow in discipleship and mission formation by providing

  • spiritual and leadership development for all key leaders of your church
  • two years of coaching and mentoring in leader discipleship
  • development of capacity in adaptive leadership and systems theory for the distinct context of your church
  • a process to develop your church in spiritual maturity and mission mobilization