Hubbard Library

Hubbard Library

Completed in 2009, the David Allan Hubbard Library, named for the seminary’s third president, has been a rich educational resource for the Fuller community and beyond. More than only holding growing collections, the library has been used for lectures, an art gallery, computer lab, tutoring services, archives, and more.

"My name is Asher Hammer, and Miyoung Yoon Hammer’s my mom. Fuller is just a hop, skip and a jump from my house, and I walked down to campus every summer. After stopping by the Pasadena Public Library, I’d often buy juice and a croissant from Coffee By the Books and walk to my Mom’s office.

One day, Mom told me to work in the library, so I set off to explore this Atheneum, this place of study and studiousness, this nook of knowledge. I had hardly walked past security when I heard the joyous sounds of “Doot, doot doot, dut dut dut duh doo”—the Mario World theme song! I looked to my right ad saw a TV for students to take a break from studying.

I was feeling self-conscious with my backpack and flip-flops, but just then I recognized one of the students as a friend of my family. Victory! Joy! I could now play without feeling too self-conscious (I love this about Fuller. There’s a real nice community that’s really fun to be a part of. I feel like I know people). I introduced myself to everyone, and soon enough, I got my chance to play. Me being the twelve-year-old boy I was, I got a total of no homework done that day!

When I went back next year, Mario World was gone. Pity. I would have loved to play, and share that experience with others. I hope whichever institution uses the campus next might do something like this. Maybe I’ll walk over the 210, past the library, under the shadow of City Hall, past the bookstore, past the green-and-white-striped building that held my mom’s office, past the Refectory, into David Hubbard’s library, and ask to play."
—Asher, writer and son of Miyoung Yoon Hammer, associate professor of marriage and family therapy in the School of Psychology

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