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Slessor Hall

Named for Mary Slessor, a missionary to Nigeria, this building was originally Fuller Seminary's first women’s dormitory. A variety of offices have been under this roof over the decades, and it currently houses the Fuller Leadership Platform and the office of the president.

“I wanted to share a perhaps trivial memory, but one that has stayed with me in the 30-odd years since I graduated from Fuller and went on to become professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages at the McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University, following in the footsteps of the beloved Fred Bush. I cannot remember the names of the streets, but at the point where the two intersected on the campus stood a house. On its top floor, those of us graduate assistants who taught Hebrew and Greek gathered and prepared our lectures and commiserated. It was pre-computer days, so we used electric typewriters and changed out the ‘typing balls’ to suit our needs for Hebrew and Greek fonts. How far we have come! But those were memorable days, days that cemented in me a great desire to serve the church by encouraging students to love Hebrew and the Old Testament. I shall miss visiting the Pasadena campus when I am in Southern California, as I often have when I have passed through.”
– Nancy (MAT '85)

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