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Student Housing

From Trinity Apartments to Chang Commons, from Slessor Hall to Allelous, living near campus was a chance to build community with fellow students and for classwork to spill over into spirited conversations and community.

“We were among the first students to live at the Los Robles Apartments, when they were located on the other side of Los Robles across from their current location. At that time there was a grocery store next to us. We had a challenging first year of marriage, yet when we moved to Fuller, those challenges evaporated. As a couple we were delighted to be at Fuller both preparing for our future, praising God for our good fortune, the old-fashioned shade down in our bedroom and at the right/wrong moment the shade rolled up! We lost our privacy with the grocery store there in full view—a delightful, yet immodest, memory. We also remember moving into those apartments knowing no one, and suddenly kindness emerged as other students helped us carry our boxes! In the decades since, whenever I’ve walked into the quad at Fuller, I’ve felt like I was at home.”
—Larry (MDiv ’80) and Patricia (MA ’78)

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As you share your memory, be as specific as possible: What building were you in? Who were you with? What geographic details still stick with you today? The more concrete and descriptive the memory you share, the more the Fuller community can enjoy this moment with you.