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Kreyssler Hall

A generous bequest on the part of Anna May and Henry Kreyssler in 1960 made it possible to purchase the craftsman house that now bears their name. Since then, it’s housed offices for chapel, the SEMI student newspaper, international students, student services, and more. It’s also fondly remembered as the Catalyst, where students have socialized and studied for decades. Do you remember all the names of the theologian-named sandwiches once offered at the cafe in this building? Let us know!

“The specific building that echoes in my mind, and even my heart, is the little building that was the ‘Campus Coffee House’ (I don't recall its exact name). I can’t begin to count the many encounters over the four-year period at Fuller Seminary from the fall of 1987 through June of 1991! There were times over a cup of coffee and perhaps a snack that I delved into studies, especially Greek! And there were times where several of us students gathered to study and drill each other on various subjects in preparation for a specific exam.

I particularly enjoyed the time spent one-on-one with a student, especially foreign students, tutoring them in a specific subject, while at the same time getting to know them and their journey of faith…such times still linger in my mind and heart! I also recall time spent with professors, one in particular, was Dr. Banks; he often was present to a group of us students. Discussion of class subject matter, as well as any concern a student might raise––Dr. Banks was present with compassion… a skilled listener and an awesome brother in faith!"

– Jeanette Frances (MDiv ’91)

“In the fall of 2012, I was a recent East Coast transplant, splitting my time between a part-time Fuller course load and work as an independent musician. On days after late-night studio sessions, I could often be found in between classes resting (sleeping) in the front room of the Catalyst.

At the time, Fuller student government was headquartered in the front room of the building. One afternoon, as I was waking up from a nap, I looked up from the couch to see a girl staring at me from the doorway of the student government office. I'd seen her around campus before, but we'd never actually talked. We said hello and chatted briefly. I saw her in passing a few more times, but a few quarters later, I wound up leaving Fuller to pursue music full-time.

Five years later, after reconnecting through a speaking engagement at the nonprofit she was directing, we celebrated our marriage in the Prayer Garden, yards from the room where we first said hello."
– Jason Chu

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