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Student Housing

From Trinity Apartments to Chang Commons, from Slessor Hall to Allelous, living near campus was a chance to build community with fellow students and for classwork to spill over into spirited conversations and community.

“We were among the first students to live at the Los Robles Apartments, when they were located on the other side of Los Robles across from their current location. At that time there was a grocery store next to us. We had a challenging first year of marriage, yet when we moved to Fuller, those challenges evaporated. As a couple we were delighted to be at Fuller both preparing for our future, praising God for our good fortune, the old-fashioned shade down in our bedroom and at the right/wrong moment the shade rolled up! We lost our privacy with the grocery store there in full view—a delightful, yet immodest, memory. We also remember moving into those apartments knowing no one, and suddenly kindness emerged as other students helped us carry our boxes! In the decades since, whenever I’ve walked into the quad at Fuller, I’ve felt like I was at home.”
—Larry (MDiv ’80) and Patricia (MA ’78)

“I entered Fuller in the fall of 1957 with two other full-time women students, and all three of us met students from Fuller who became our husbands. In those years, single students lived in the big house dorms and ate meals in the cafeteria, providing a lot of time for table talk. We not only had classes together, and saw each other during informal times, but also witnessed how our hearts and minds were being developed for ministry. While a student I was on a Gospel Team for two years, which ministered in churches in the LA area on Sunday nights. In the summer of 1958, I was with a team of students who counseled at the Billy Graham Crusade for a month in San Francisco. During the days we helped in the Crusade office. These chances for ministry gave me confidence in knowing God provides what we need to do his work. Ministering with other students was part of the training I learned at Fuller under the leadership of Carleton Booth. Getting back to we three women who entered that fall of 1957: I became a pastor's wife, one couple ministered with Young Life, and one couple became Wycliffe Translators, being in Vietnam when the war started in 1965, and ending in Cameroon. It all started at Fuller!”
—Miriam Notehelfer (’59)

“Only attending Fuller originally on a trial year through a Rockefeller Grant, I never imagined all the ways my life would change in the years and decades ahead. The lasting friendships with both men and women students (Dorm 150 and ‘across the street’ at the ‘Women's Dorm’) including those I am still in touch with, has been wonderfully rich. Being part of the team in 1965 to attend a Billy Graham evangelism seminar in Greenville, South Carolina was only the beginning of my quest for a more profound understanding of evangelism. And having a life-changing, student supported missionary internship in Vietnam 1966-67 (even visiting prisoners in Dalat with Corrie Ten Boom) set the course of my studies when returning to Fuller for a D.Th.P. The pastoral and academic ministries I have since enjoyed in the Methodist tradition––even becoming Dean of the School of World Mission and Evangelism at Asbury Theological Seminary––have been ‘above and beyond anything I could have imagined.’ With overwhelming gratitude to God for every step of my life, and also for the 50 years since my time in seminary, I celebrate the next 50 years of lives changed because of Fuller Theological Seminary.”
—Ron Crandall (’69)

“Fuller Seminary, with its students, professors, and staff, was such a loving place. I have fond memories of great lectures, good conversations in the commons, and supportive prayer groups. Swimming and hamburgers with friends. Friends who surrounded me during difficult times. Friends from the dorm who gave me scriptures to carry me through––a friend from the building who drew an ink drawing of a beautiful rose and told me that I was that rose. And now I hope I do the same for others. I went through a difficult time at Fuller due to my dad's death, and was able to heal because of Fuller. Now I am giving back to others in a para-ministry and telling them about Christ because of Fuller Theological Seminary. Such a God-breathed place.”
—Laura Renard Consol (’98)

“I stayed in Fuller housing from 1984 to 1987 and later learned the building I stayed in was designed by Greene and Greene architectural firm, established by brothers Charles Sumner Greene (1868–1957) and Henry Mather Greene (1870–1954), influential early 20th-century American architects. I have many fond memories of Bible studies and going out to eat in Fuller dining areas, and made some lifelong friends that I cherish to this day.”
—Dr. Hany M. Girgis (’90)

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