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Taylor Hall

This building was named for Herbert Taylor, a founding member of the seminary's Board of Trustees and a close friend to Charles and Grace Fuller for over 30 years. After many years as a single students dormitory, Taylor Hall became used for for faculty offices, administrative offices, testing rooms for comprehensive exams for PhD students, and more. Walk by and you might see some students chatting in Herman Miller furniture on the porch courtesy of our longstanding friendship through the De Pree family.

"My best memory of Fuller’s campus is that it’s where my wife and I did our premarital counseling. We weren’t connected to the campus yet; our pastor was a PhD student at Fuller at the time, so it was an easy place for him to meet us. We sat on the porch of one of the historic buildings and got to talk about what life would be like together for the rest of our lives. A year later, I’d start working at Fuller in Distributed Learning. Every time I walk by those buildings, I think about those conversations."
—Jeff DeSurra, Fuller staff

Mark Baker Wright"For many years, I worked on the staff of the School of Theology in Payton Hall, but for two weeks back in 2008, we had to temporarily relocate to Taylor Hall so Payton could be rewired in conjunction with the then-new Hubbard Library. Like many ‘halls’ on the southeast side of Fuller's Pasadena campus, Taylor Hall is an old historic house which Fuller had repurposed for academic use. At the time (perhaps it is still?), it was where the School of Theology's PhD program was administered. My temporary office was in the PhD student lounge, which was characterized by a pretty nice couch along one wall, with cubby boxes for students to temporarily store books and other odds-and-ends along another.

For that couple of weeks, my computer, my phone, my Bible, pretty much all the documents I'd be likely to require access to, as well as a few photos and Transformers stuff (I'm known for my Transformers collection, which has followed me to my current office at another institution), all followed me to Taylor so that I could continue to do my job. Basically, the location was chosen because it happened to have a box with an Internet connection, without which I wouldn't have been able to do much of anything!

One of the lesser-known truths of Taylor Hall is that it used to serve as a dormitory for Fuller students many years ago. In fact, at least of couple long-standing Fuller professors used to live there back when they were students! If you look at the posts marking the stairwell, you'll see a couple of pennies stuck in the circular indentations. I don't know if those pennies were stuck in the staircase pedestals back in the dormitory era, or if that was a more recent phenomenon, but it definitely added to the unique character of the building that served as my "office life raft" for those two weeks more than a decade ago."
—Mark Baker-Wright (’02)

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