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Ministry and Mission in the Pandemic Era (and Post-Pandemic)

October 8–9, 2021

The virtual lectures are free and open to the public; registration is required.

Latino Lectures 2021

This conference will respond to the needs of Hispanic Christian leaders facing the impact of the pandemic on congregations and communities. We will begin on Friday evening by recognizing the particular cost and damage suffered by our people as well as the trauma, stress, and depression it has caused. We will reflect together on how pastoral leaders have accompanied their churches and communities through this time. We will then move, on Saturday morning, into the new tools that churches are developing to reimagine the church in the post-pandemic age. We will explore the use of the internet as well as the vision of emerging generations. All our sessions will include scholarly experts and personal testimonies from Christian leaders as well as voices from Latin America and the Hispanic/Latinx community in the United States.


Friday, October 8

6:00 pm (PT): Introduction & Worship

6:30 pm (PT): “‘My Church Died of COVID’: Accompanying the Church and Community through Stress, Trauma, and Depression” – A panel with presentations by experts and pastoral testimonies from Latin America and the Latinx community in the US

7:45 pm (PT): Small Reflection Groups

8:15–8:30 pm (PT): Final words and closing prayer

Saturday, October 9

8:45 am (PT): Welcome and Introduction – “The Church is Resurrecting: Tools for Reimagining the Latina/x Church”

9:00 am (PT): “The Church and the New Technologies” – Keynote and reactions/testimonies from pastors from Latin America and the Latina/x Church in the US

10:00 am (PT): Small Reflection Groups

10:30 am (PT): Break

10:45 am (PT): “The Church of the Future” – Two presenters followed by reactions/testimonies from emerging leaders

11:45 am (PT): Small Reflection Groups

12:15 pm–12:30 pm (PT): Final words and closing prayer